WordPress Causing Me To hemorrhage



I canNOT get this app-LI-K-SHUNNNN….too many linkstoo many OPSHINNZZ…too many things to click and press and follow and move and save and delete and save and D-LEEET….HOW CAN ANYONE besides Bill Gates and Zuckerberg navigate this site withOUT becoming mercilessly tortuRED by a BLOODY, SOUL-SUCKING MYYYYY-GRAIN  H E A D – A C H E ?!?!?!?!?!?! I canNOT be THIS stupid; THIS CONFYOOOZED….please; someone bring me a Valium the size of a HOCKEY PUCK….I BEG YOU…….


About modartist

Eric Scott Bloom aka MODARTIST (1962- ) Multi-Media Fine Artist; Photographer, Painter, Singer-Songwriter/Producer, Poet/Essayist, Videographer/Filmmaker, Graphic Designer, Digital Artist, Performer

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