Watching The Dreamer Dream

Watching The Dreamer Dream by MODARTIST
Watching The Dreamer Dream, a photo by MODARTIST on Flickr.



Wordpress Causing Me To hemorrhage



I canNOT get this app-LI-K-SHUNNNN….too many linkstoo many OPSHINNZZ…too many things to click and press and follow and move and save and delete and save and D-LEEET….HOW CAN ANYONE besides Bill Gates and Zuckerberg navigate this site withOUT becoming mercilessly tortuRED by a BLOODY, SOUL-SUCKING MYYYYY-GRAIN  H E A D – A C H E ?!?!?!?!?!?! I canNOT be THIS stupid; THIS CONFYOOOZED….please; someone bring me a Valium the size of a HOCKEY PUCK….I BEG YOU…….

MODARTIST’S Odes To Dylan With Music Videos

MODARTIST'S Odes To Dylan With Music Videos

MODARTIST Sleeve Art for one of the many Bob Dylan songs he has interpreted [MUZIK4HEADPHONES!!!]. The mini-films and covers can be seen & heard at
Feedback/Comments Welcome & Appreciated!

EricScottBloom aka MODARTIST: Facebook (Main Page)

The Painting Of All Paintings

On Eric’s Main Facebook page, you have access to a large selection of Photo Albums. This image is the archetypal artwork represented at ~ “Portrait Of The Infant Kyle (My Son),” from the album MOD PAINTER.
Other albums feature Fine Art Photography, including Female Body-Sculptors, Abstracts, Nature, Animals, Portraits, Digital Alchemy, Flowers, Beach Life, Children, Portraits Of Kyle Bloom, McClintock High School Orchestra Highlights, Mushrooms and much More!